Here you will find all of the publicly available Marble Arch Townhomes legal and financial documents as well as maps of the property.  You will also find the Marble Arch Townhomes Council of Co-Owners forms necessary to initiate work, set up ACH payments and volunteer for or found a committee.

Legal Documents
Articles of Incorporation The registered legal documents incorporating the non-profit Marble Arch Council of Co-Owners from 1977.
Bylaws The original registered set of Marble Arch bylaws from 1977.
Amendments to the Bylaws Registered amendments to the bylaws made in March, 1992.
Certificate of Formation Registered certificate stating that the state has received the Articles of Incorporation.
Collection Policy Marble Arch's legal policy for collecting assessments and past due fees.
Declarations Registered property declarations made in August, 1977.
Amendments to the Declarations Registered amendments to the declarations made in September, 1977.
Executed Management Certificate Registered certificate showing responsible management as of April, 2016.
Section 202 Affidavit Registered affidavit of compliance with Section 202 of the Texas Property Code as of April, 2014.
Rules & Regulations Registered regulations for Marble Arch Townhomes as of April, 1996.
Repair Responsibility Policy Recorded resolution to adopt updated Repair Responsibility Policy, 2015.
2016 Tow Contract – American Wrecker Executed tow contract with American Wrecker, 2016.
Financial Documents
Property Insurance Property Insurance binder for the year of 3/21/2016 – 3/21/2017.
Insurance Contact Information Contact information for our 2016-2017 Master Policy.
Reserve Study The results of the latest reserve study from June 6th, 2013.
2016-2017 Annual Budget The approved budget for fiscal 2016-2017.
Parking & Storage Map of parking and storage areas on the property.
Property (Color) Map of the complete property in color.
Property Schematic Schematic of the complete property in black and white.
Committee Volunteer Interested in joining a committee? Volunteer today!
Debit Authorization Fill this form out to setup ACH automatic debiting of monthly dues from your checking or savings account.
Work Order You must fill out one of these before any maintenance work can be done.