September 15th, 2015

September 15th, 2015


Meeting called to order at 6:02 PM. Cheryl Westphal, Susana Arellano, Toke Ettehadieh, Ray Shirazi, Eve Demma, Naj Shiraz, Kathleen Kernwein and Erich Heard present


Homeowner Open Forum


Nasser brought up the idea of selling to a developer.

David came to attend the meeting.  He spoke to some items that some homeowners have brought up in their own meetings.  He feels a number of homeowners are disgruntled because things are being done differently.  Perhaps there is a way of doing things more transparently.


Security Report


No calls to office, two thefts, no vehicle break-ins and one residential break-in.


Approval of Minutes


Motion Ray Shirazi to approve the minutes

                Second Eve Demma

                The motion was carried unanimously


Financial Report


Finances are operating account $158,320.03, reserve account $137,568.09 and petty cash $1,500.  The main liability is the chill tower.

Old & New Business




Kat is getting proposals.


2647 J Johns


Mr. Johns has water coming in the front of his unit through the walls.  Cheryl noted a similar problem she had that JH Quality fixed.  Kat will get a bid from them.


Roof Repairs


  • 2689 – $975
  • 2503 – $1,175
  • 2699 – $1,475
  • 2639 – $1,475
  • 2651 – $1,475.

Motion Eve Demma to accept the bids

                Second Toke Ettehadieh

                The motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 6:52 PM.


Minutes submitted by Erich Heard, acting Secretary