June 24th, 2015

June 24th, 2015


Meeting called to order at 6:41 PM. Toke Ettehadieh, Ray Shirazi, Eve Demma, Kathleen Kernwein, Susana Arellano and Erich Heard present.


Homeowner Open Forum


2653 – Sue DeHaven.  Sue requested contact information for the owner of Genesis.  She wanted to revisit the repair policy.  She feels that we are getting less support for the same amount of maintenance fees.  She noted that the exteriors and driveways appear shabby.

2511 #4 – Theda Burnett.  Tehda spoke to the declarations – proposal for adoption of an amendment of 10% of owners then there is notice and it must be approved by 75% of owners.  She stated that co-owners only have to insure their personal property, that Marble Arch is responsible to pay for interior in cases of leaks.  As for A/C, she stated it should be handled as part of maintenance.

Eve Demma suggested they get a lawyer to interpret the declarations.

2673 – Keith York.  Keith noted that previously the chill tower covered many more units.  Marble Arch installed a number of individual A/C units in the late 80s/early 90s.  He noted that the driveways are very bad – especially the one between buildings A & B.  Could we at least patch that driveway as a stopgap?  He also noted that the drainage in the central courtyard is getting worse.  Eve noted that it is the pitch of the courtyard.

Approval of Minutes


Motion Ray Shirazi to approve the minutes

                Second Eve Demma

                The motion was carried unanimously


Financial Report


Aproximately $138,000 in cheacking and $137,000 in reserve for a total of $276,841.65.  AT&T has been paid off in full.  Now we start paying off the chill tower loan of $76,000.


Old & New Business


Way Services (Chill Tower) is having trouble getting CenterPoint to schedule a power shutdown.



  • Broken irrigation controller $227
  • Extras around the property $2,643

We will put these items on hold as Eve wants some clarification.



Draft of fiscal 2015-6 was presented.  Board members will look over the spreadsheet and we will discuss at the July meeting.


Razor/Barbed Wire

People have been witnessed jumping the fence in the rear of the community.  There was some suggestion of wiring the back fence.

Roof Proposals

Two more units have leaks.  Carlos has attempted to repair them.

  • 2517 – $2,450
  • 2661 #4 – $1,125

Motion Eve Demma to repair 2517

                Second Toke Ettehadieh

                The motion passed


Motion Eve Demma to repair 2661 #4

                Second Ray Shirazi

                The motion passed


Meeting adjourned at 7:34 PM.


Minutes submitted by Erich Heard, acting Secretary