May 19th, 2015

May 19th, 2015


Meeting called to order at 6:38 PM. Toke Ettehadieh, Ray Shirazi, Eve Demma, Kathleen Kernwein, Naj Shiraz, Cheryl McDaniel, Susana Arellano and Erich Heard present.


Homeowner Open Forum


None appeared.

Approval of Minutes


Motion Ray Shirazi to approve the minutes

                Second Cheryl McDaniel

                The motion was carried unanimously


Financial Report


$111,181.28 in operating fund and $137,286.44 in the reserve fund.  As for debut, this is the last month of AT&T and we owe $78,310.37 on the chill tower loan.


Old & New Business


Way Services (Chill Tower) scheduled to begin the week of 5/26 weather permitting.  There will be a community wide power shutdown.



This includes Building B & C courtyard storm drain improvements, K & J, L & O and M & N.  All together they amount to $18,028.56.  Ray feels that we should revisit resloping.  Kathleen will get S & T to bid all courtyards.

Building L mainline has a break in it.  They have found diapers, etc. in it.  2507 #3 gets some backup.  Best plumbing bid $43,418.  Kathleen will have Carlos post newletters on each unit where we implore residents not to flush diapers.

2617 #1 Ochoa – needs a fix to a common line.  Best Plumbing bid $914.69.

Motion Eve Demma to approve Best’s bid for 2617 #1

                Second Toke Ettehadieh

                The motion passed.


Roof Proposals

2647 (Building C)

  • J&T $875 to patch the roof, $2250 for the whole unit and $27,575 for the whole roof.
  • ProMasters $975 for a patch, $2175 for the whole roof
  • SW Roofline $3,000 for the whole unit


Motion Eve Demma to accept the ProMaster bid for the whole unit

                2nd Cheryl McDaniel

                The motion passed


6405/6407 Roof

  • J&T bid $1,775
  • ProMaster $865
  • SW Roofline $1,250


Motion Naj Shiraz to accept ProMaster bid

                2nd Eve Demma

                The motion passed


6407 also received a bid from J&T for windows, gutters and exterior walls for $2,775.  We need a new bid including the patio cover.  Kathleen will get more bids.


Ray got a quote for IP camera.  We would have to put a server in the office but the whole thing could be done for less than $10,000.  Eve would like a representative at the next meeting.



2647 rodents are getting into the walls.  SW Extermination bid $4,000 for all of Building C.  Action Pest has not given us a bid yet,  Toke feels we should get more bids.



Eve stated that the landscapers need to check the sprinkler system once a month.  Cheryl will email the landscaper tomorrow.


Gating the Community

If more than 60% of owners support the proposal, the cost will be spread across all units.  If it is less, then only those units voting for it will pay.  Ray noted that lighting is a big problem at night.  Ray wants to implement tenant screening.  Eve wants to mention it in the newsletter.


Common Hallway Cleaning

ARO Express – $480 / month.  Eve is still looking for her bid.


Meeting adjourned at 8:27 PM.


Minutes submitted by Erich Heard, acting Secretary