April 17th, 2015

April 17th, 2015


Meeting called to order at 6:41 PM. Toke Ettehadieh, Ray Shirazi, Eve Demma, Kathleen Kernwein, Naj Shiraz, Cheryl McDaniel, Susana Arellano and Erich Heard present.


Homeowner Open Forum


Francisco Ochoa (2617 #1) was present with his son acting as interpretor.  His concerns were as follows:

  • Air conditioner doesn’t work automatically. Kathleen told him the chill tower was being rebuilt.
  • They had a leak in the ceiling but it was only a temporary fix. Kathleen will follow up.
  • Adjoining unit has mold and is vacant. Eve noted that it is the Henderson unit.  It has been cleaned and is checked every so often for leaks.  It will probably be foreclosed upon soon.
  • The laundry room in the courtyard of Building F floods. Eve will have it checked out.


Sue DeHaven (2653) was present.  She brought up that the maintenance fees were high and that in the past the board had discussed lowering them.

Theda Burnett (2511 #4) was present.  Her concerns were as follows:

  • Foyer light is out. She has called but it has not been fixed.  Kathleen will look into it.
  • Roofs have leaks and she has had multiple problems. She feels the HOA should pay for it.
  • There is rotten wood on either side of the exterior door also around lattice.

Approval of Minutes


Motion Eve Demma to approve the minutes

                Second Cheryl McDaniel

                The motion was carried unanimously


Financial Report


Total in bank is $248,083.54.  Chill Tower loadn in 80,546.41.  There are two months left on AT&T..


Old & New Business


Way Services (Chill Tower) will being coming in to meet with Kathleen.


2515 masonry issues,

Cheryl is owner.  There are four bids:

  • Old Magnolia – $11,638
  • Federal – $9,348
  • ASAP – $775
  • JH – $2,240

Motion Eve Demma to select Federal to perform the repairs

                Second Toke Ettehadieh

                Cheryl was recused

                The motion passed


Termite Proposals

Three bids for annual inspection.

  • ABC – $2,850
  • Bug Co. – $1,500
  • Safeway – $5,285

Motion Eve Demma to select ABC

                Second Erich Heard

                The motion passed


Common Hall Cleaning

Still getting proposals.



Estimates for Spring cleaning from TX Landscaping:

  • $1,339.85 for Ella Lee replacement after foundation repair.
  • $3,042.91 for South pool bull rock.
  • $874.66 for pots in courtyards.

Motion Eve Demma to accept the first proposal

                Second Naj Shiraz

                The motion passed

Motion Eve Demma to accept the third proposal

                Second Naj Shiraz

                The motion passed



We want to change hours to combat break ins.  Eve feels we should change to night time guards.  Ray feels we should have irregular patterns.  We will keep same number of man/hours but alternate day and night.

Motion Naj Shiraz to give notice to terminate cameras

                Second Toke Ettehadieh

                The motion passed


Future Projects


Foundation Repairs – Building J:  $61,000

New Monument Sign:  $3,500


Meeting adjourned at 8:11 PM.


Minutes submitted by Erich Heard, acting Secretary