March 17th, 2015

March 17th, 2015


Meeting called to order at 6:28 PM. Kathleen Kernwein, Eve Demma, Cheryl McDaniel, Susana Arellano and Erich Heard were present.


Homeowner Open Forum


No homeowners were present.

Approval of Minutes


Motion Eve Demma to approve the minutes

                Second Erich Heard

                The motion was carried unanimously


Financial Report


Total in checking and reserve is $312,542.03.  Total outstanding debt to AT&T is $28,000.


Old & New Business


  • Chill Tower repairs are under way.
  • Nagesh & Carter, engagement letter received.


Motion Eve Demma to accept Nagesh & Carter’s offer

                Seconded by Cheryl McDaniel

                The motion passed


  • 2615 #1 – there was a water leak and the air handler was disassembled.
  • 2515 – we will get a third proposal to repair the exterior water damage and vote via e-mail.
  • Trees – we will have to remove some trees due to foundation problems. We need a couple of board members to mark trees that need to be removed.
  • Newsletter – Cheryl completed it, Kathleen will mail it out.
  • 2501 #1 – there is a tree with termite damage. Susana will flag it for removal.
  • Attorney response letter – Chill Tower Loan and Utility Assessments
    • Sarah Gerdes said there could be a way to make an assessment on Chill Tower units happen but we would need to separate budget and accounting. Kathleen was unsure if Genesis could manage it.  She suggested we have Sarah at the next meeting.  Cheryl brought up meters for all units but Susana said they had looked into it 10-12 years ago and it was cost prohibitive.
  • Kathleen has been getting complaints about common foyers being dirty. Do we want to revisit this?

Motion Eve Demma to get cleaning company quotes and vote on it.

        Seconded by Cheryl McDaniel

        The motion passed



Future Projects


  • New dirveways
  • Paint carports
  • Parking stripes
  • Sidewalk bridges – have trees removed first.
  • Susana noted that some carport roofs have holes.


Meeting adjourned at 7:02 PM.


Minutes submitted by Erich Heard, acting Secretary