March 2015


Dear Marble Arch Homeowner,
We are very pleased to tell you that we have a full 7-member Board of
Directors. Every member is working hard for you and the Marble Arch

Your Board Members are:

President – Eve Demma; Vice-President – T. (“Toke”) Ettehadieh;
Secretary – Erich Heard; Treasurer – Ray Shirazi; Director – Masoomeh
(Najmeh) Aboonasrshiraz; Director – Susana Arellano; Director – Cheryl

We think you will agree that since the beginning of this new board, a lot of
major projects, repairs and upgrades have been done to the property. At
one time the property was close to bankruptcy and through sincere and
diligent work the property is being brought up to a higher standard than
ever before. This effort results in our properties increasing in value and this
complex being a welcoming place to live.

List of Completed Accomplishments since 2014:

  • New Roof Work – Buildings D, F, P & M
  • New Hot Water Heater – Buildings A, B & C
  • Major concrete work completed throughout the
    communities sidewalks and curbs
  • Security personnel & cameras installed
  • All community legal documents were
    properly filed with Harris County.
  • Foundation repaired for Building P
  • New Tow contract established with American Wrecker

*There was a large incidence of break-ins happening on the property. We
are happy to report that since hiring security personnel and the installation
of cameras, there have been no house break-ins reported to

Our finances were not in good shape in 2013 & early 2014, but by utilizing
Genesis’ monthly financial reporting, our monthly revenues have been
monitored and appropriated in the most efficient manner, thus allowing
for all of the above-mentioned projects to have been achieved.

  • Marble Arch will have the 1st Financial Audit Report completed in
    Sept 2015. This will be conducted going forward at the end of each
    fiscal year.

The Board is excited to announce the 30+year old Chill Tower is being
refurbished this Spring with new equipment to include New Baltimore Air
Cooled – cooling towers, new piping connections and a new base
structure. In addition, the Board recently installed automatic control
valves, so that when the temperature outside changes from hot to cold
the tower now automatically switches over. This used to have to be done
manually with constant additional maintenance and money spent. Now
the tower is much more efficient with this auto change-over process.

We continue to move forward with a long list of future projects that need
to be addressed. The Board will inform all of the homeowners, through
newsletters and notices, of the current & upcoming proposed projects.

Reminders: DOGS: All dogs walked on the premises MUST BE ON A LEASH
– this is for the safety of the dog and others, and it is a law that you MUST
PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET. Violators will be fined.

WORK ORDERS: It has come to our attention that some homeowners are
using the public website to submit Work Orders. The public website is not
maintained by our Property Management Company (Genesis) and so all
Work Orders will need to be submitted directly to Genesis, by either calling
them @ 713 953 0808 or emailing or If you have an emergency do not
email – please call 9-1-1 or the Genesis line.

We always want to hear from you, the residents. The Board and Genesis
performs frequent property inspections. Please contact Genesis should
you have any suggestions that should be brought forth at the next Board

Marble Arch Townhomes