March 2nd, 2015

March 2nd, 2015


Meeting called to order at 6:11 PM with Kathleen Kernwein, Susana Arellano, Cheryl McDaniel, Naj Shiraz, Toke Ettehadieh, Ray Shirazi, Eve Demma and Erich Heard present..


Discussion Regarding Acceptance of New Repair Responsibility Policy


Cheryl:  when did the current policy go into effect?  We do not know but it was at least 12 years ago.

Eve:  feels we should accept the policy due to legal and insurance issues.

Susanna:  feels that the Rules & Regulations should be followed in writing the checklist.

Cheryl:  What are the benefits of accepting the policy?  Liability and saving money.  Having different assessments probably wouldn’t work.  She brought up foundations as an example of common elements that benefit only some of the homeowners.

Eve:  stated that we have to go by our documents.

Toke:  we need to come up with something fair.

Ray:  suggested that we call a special meeting to reduce fees for individual units.

Toke:  suggested that we lower everyone’s dues some amount per square foot and put a special assessment on chill tower units for 5 years.  The special assessment would keep chill tower units fees the same as they are now until the chill tower repairs are paid off.

Erich:  what about future repairs?  Do we do a special assessment each time the chill tower needs repairs?

Cheryl:  yes.

Kathleen:  will have to check with Sarah Gerdes (legal).


Motion Eve Demma to pass the Responsibility Policy and call a Special Meeting to lower assessments and make a special assessment on chill tower units for 5 years.

                Second Ray Shirazi

                The motion was carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:03 PM.


Minutes submitted by Erich Heard, acting Secretary