January 29th, 2015

January 29th, 2015


Meeting called to order at 6:11 PM. Kathleen Kernwein, Ray Shirazi, Eve Demma, Toke Ettehadieh and Naj Shiraz were present.  Attorney Sarah Gedes was also present.


Legal Report


Sarah spoke to the association’s responsibility.  The Declarations state that anything that serves one unit owner is the responsibility of the owner.  Sarah went over the resolution Adopt Updated Repair Responsibility Policy she drew up.  Sarah’s recommendation is to follow the Declarations.   Kathleen noted that management needs to follow the law and stated that we should follow Sarah’s recommendation.

Sarah noted that to make this fair, we would need to amend the Declarations so that we could drop assessments on units not on the Chill Tower.  We would need a special meeting and likely 67% of all owners.

Motion Eve Demma to approve the Resolution and have a special meeting

                Second Erich Heard

                The motion failed.


Approval of Minutes


Motion Ray Shirazi to approve the minutes

                Second Naj Shiraz

                The motion was carried unanimously


Financial Report


Total assets $256,585.65.  We received about $14,000 in past due assessments.  AT&T will be paid off in five months.  The current balance is $36,000.


Cutting of Tree Roots


Eve heard that we could cut tree roots so they do not grow under foundations.

Motion Ray Shirazi to get bids to cur roots.

                Second Erich Heard

                The motion passed unanimously




Annual prevention treatment should be implemented.  Ray did a lot of research.  Safeway and Orkin do boracade treatment which is less invasive.

Motion Toke Ettehadieh to contact Safeway about treating building J

                Second Ray Shirazi

                The motion passed.


Boiler Flush Out


Joe Lema gave a bid of $370 per water heater and $140 per boiler heat exchange.  There are five boiler rooms would come to approximately $2,500.

Motion Toke Ettehadieh to accept the bid

                Second Naj Shiraz

                The motion passed.


Executive Session


Meeting adjourned at 7:37 PM.


Minutes submitted by Erich Heard, acting Secretary