December 16th, 2014

December 16th, 2014


Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM. Kathleen Kernwein, Ray Shirazi, Eve Demma, Toke Ettehadieh and Naj Shiraz were present.


Resident Open Forum


No residents were present.


Approval of Last Minutes


Motion Eve Demma to approve the minutes.

                Second Toke Ettehadieh.  The motion carried.




Total cash in all accounts in $240,255.27 as of 11/30/2014.


Old and New Business




Scheduled start date for Building P is January 12th.


Way Services


Chill tower replacement is in progress.


Chill Tower


Motion Eve Demma to accept the proposal for the change over process.

                Seconded by Toke Ettehadieh.  The motion carried.


Camera Insurance



Heating Inspection & Repair


Dream Pavillion put in a proposal to inspect and make any necessary repairs to the heating of units with standalone heating.  They propose approximately $110/unit for a total of $19,140.  Kathleen feels we would probably not end up paying this much and that the cost would be defrayed over a period of months as the work was done.  She will try to get more bids.


Updated R&R Repair Policy


The board needs time to read and review everything.  Kathleen will send a follow up e-mail so the Board can vote.


New Tow Contract


American Wrecker.  Eve executed and signs will be placed around the community.


Building A Roof PVC Leaks


  • The Dream Pavillion – proposal received.
  • EMCO HVAC – awaiting proposal.
  • Kenco Mechanical – awaiting proposal.


Future Projects


  • Building P Foundation: $50,000
  • Building J Foundation: $61,000
  • Courtyard Building B & C: $31,000
  • New Monument Sign: $3,500
  • Electrical Repairs: TBD


Executive Session


Meeting adjourned at 7:44 PM.


Minutes submitted by Erich Heard, acting Secretary